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hexxe design is all about helping businesses grow their brand, present themselves to customers and compete in the modern world. Our work is strengthed by a focus on strategy and boldness by design, we help your company captivate it’s audience.

We strongly believe in communication being key to our success and focus on being adaptable to the needs of our clients. With years of experience building professional content, we have what it takes to create memorable media for any campaign, be it flyers or entire websites.

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Hi, I’m Nick and I’m the owner and designer of hexxe.

I have a passion for all things creative and have spent years poring over every creative medium I could possibly get myself into; painting, writing, photography, even woodworking! I’m always looking to build my skills, learn new things and take on new challenges. My strong interests in creative work and marketing is what led me to become a designer.

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Services I Offer

From digital to physical, I’ve got you covered

The internet is a powerful way to connect and communicate with your customers. While diving into that digital world may seem complicated, we make it simple by creating user focused, intuitive and engaging designs meant to communicate clearly and create lasting impressions. Here's how.

Organizing & Structuring Information
A key part of building a great website is strategy, together we analyze every aspect of existing content and anticipate future content to better plan a more organized and logical layout.

From Concept to Reality
Communication is key to our process, that's why we make sure to keep our clients updated on each step of progress we make, with early and conceptual drafts created to communicate the end result, adapting to changes along the way. This way you have a better idea what your new website will look like from the start.

From campaign flyers to large scale magazines we have the skill and know-how to create captivating and bold designs people will remember. With experience creating for large scale printers we'll help you prep files and communicate with your printer for optimal turn around times.

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